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المطرب المصري رامي جمال - أرشيفية

“May God afflict you with a disease, and you will sing.” The Egyptian singer responds strongly

The Egyptian singer, Ramy Gamal, was attacked by a follower, as soon as he released his new song “Adabtna Al-Dunya”, which is included in his album “Deserve Busten”.

And the follower sent a harsh message, mocking him and his singing, saying: “Oh, brother, I do not understand. I mean, our Lord has brought you a disease and you have suffered from it a lot, and after what our Lord healed you, come back and you can sing and you know that singing is forbidden. You are waiting for something else.”

For his part, the artist Ramy Jamal responded by responding to this comment, through the “Story” feature on the “Instagram” website, and by publishing a picture of the comment, he replied: “Look, sir. If you want the truth, you are the one who needs treatment from your words that are like bullets.”

And he continued, “If I am wrong, you think that your method can remain true.. Unfortunately, I would have seen people’s positive opinions and constructive criticism, and those who were greedy for a better need, because always in the best of course.. So I saw your words in the morning.. I will not tell you but our Lord.” He forgives you for your cruelty.”

And he added: “I am sure that your words are not love.. God will judge us. Who is better than who.. We are all human beings, not prophets. We can make mistakes and share, and guidance from the Lord of the worlds.. Your day is more beautiful than your heart, God willing.”

It is worth noting that the artist Ramy Gamal announced earlier that he had vitiligo, and that he was thinking of retiring, believing that the public would not accept him in that condition.

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A large number of stars of the artistic community in Egypt and the Arab world were keen to support the young Egyptian singer Ramy Gamal, due to the psychological crisis that he revealed after suffering from “vitiligo”, and the failure of attempts to treat it.

Rami retracted his decision to retire and asked those who were being abused or bullied because of his vitiligo disease to communicate with him so that he could explain to him the best way to deal with others.

On Tuesday, Ramy Gamal released his latest song, “Our Adabtna Al Dunya”, through his official channel on the popular video site “YouTube”.

The song is written by Ibrahim Gad, arranged by Wissam Abdel Moneim, composed by Mohamed Anis, produced by Nojoom Records, and filmed and directed by Shady Qassem.

The song achieved high viewing rates, exceeding 160,000 views in less than 24 hours after its release, and a large number of audience interacted with him as soon as he released the song and expressed their admiration for it.

The song’s lyrics say:

Calm and smile are intended and cold-blooded

And don’t come to feel my pulse, everything in the world comes in

In general, it is not different, because we are more than after us

You lived after me, and I lived after you, from the story that took us away from us

Our literature is the world, and we are the ones who deserve its account

It is a mistake that occurred in a second that we lost from each other because of it

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And we have no right to be upset or even to blame each other

Each one of us had a need in the other and had it

I remember when the distance took us and you gave me peace and my satisfaction

Look at how I stayed and how did you stay?

Throwing yourself into a strange embrace and not comfortable in it

As I throw myself in the arms of Arif, his life will one day be my home