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Starosta Březové Josef Trecha

Mayor Březová says I see the border with Slovakia as an advantage for my village

Březová is located in the Protected Landscape Area of ​​the White Carpathians, how restrictive is it to your municipality, or what is the advantage of Březová?

The Protected Landscape Area of ​​the White Carpathians means for us the beautiful surrounding nature, but in terms of everyday life, this site is a disadvantage for us, since most of our projects related to building plans or alterations are subject to this site and to the conditions offered by this site.

Březová also occurs close to the Slovak border. What does this mean for your community?

I see the neighborhood with the Slovak border as an advantage, because I can say that we have very good international relations, which is reflected in many projects in which we participate in cross-border cooperation. Thus, the borders do not act as the kind of dividing line that would rigidly separate our republics or mean harm to us.

With what are the most common complaints, what advice do your fellow citizens give you, and what is the biggest complexity you have had to deal with in your position?

Most advice or complaints relate to specific problems of individual citizens, when they resolve, for example, neighborhood disputes, property relations or other issues of their daily lives. As for the complications, I must say that I dealt with many of them during my tenure as mayor. The biggest thing I face today and every day is the extreme ignorance of citizens in the field of leadership and management of society, because often the biggest interference is that the expectations and requirements of citizens often do not match how some problem occurs. realistically possible or impossible.

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Can you mention the biggest social events in Březová, which are traditionally held there, if they are not blocked by coronavirus restrictions?

I would like to mention a large and unconventional social event that took place in our village in 2018. It was a European meeting attended by representatives from ten countries of the European Union. This meeting was not just a link between several European countries and learning about each other’s different cultures and customs, but above all a discussion about Europe’s past, present and future. It was amazing to see how different countries could come together, discuss and have fun. These meetings take place once or twice a year and one of the partners involved is always the organizer of the meeting. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 situation has put these meetings on hold for some time. Our municipality was not only the organizer of this meeting, but also participated in meetings held in Croatia, Italy, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia.

The traditional social event, which takes place within the framework of cross-border cooperation with Slovakia, is Slovácká jaternica. It is an event in which municipalities from the Czech and Slovak Republics participate and compete together in the production of slaughterhouse specialties accompanied by a cultural program throughout the day, ending with the announcement of the winners and evening entertainment. The orderly relay is delivered between our village and the village of Trenčianské Bohuslavice every year. A traditional social event is also the meeting of municipalities called Březová, which includes ten villages from the Czech Republic and one from Slovakia. Organizers take turns organizing and organizing firefighting, football and volleyball competitions, with a cultural program and evening festivities.

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The school in Březová has become famous throughout our country for its unconventional teaching. The municipality has invested a lot in expanding the school in recent years, how have its buildings expanded during your operation?

I think I can say that the school is an institution that is still developing forward, including in the area of ​​area expansion, because since its original form a few years ago, different extensions, different reconstructions, multi-adjacent building. The Hall of Purpose, which is used for physical education and the implementation of many school departments, so I think our investment is really visible.