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Mbappe and Lewandowski: The quality of football will be affected if the World Cup is held every two years

Mbappe and Lewandowski: The quality of football will be affected if the World Cup is held every two years

France striker Kylian Mbappe and Poland striker Robert Lewandowski have expressed reservations about the idea of ​​holding the World Cup every two years, saying that the standard of the tournament would suffer if players had to play in finals every two years.

And the idea of ​​holding the World Cup every two years began to gain momentum with the attempt by FIFA President Gianni Infantino to obtain support from national federations, saying that the transformation would bring in $ 4.4 billion in additional revenue to the world organization.

However, the proposal met with strong opposition from UEFA and CONMEBOL, and UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin threatened to boycott any further competition.

“I’m a person who has no value to say whether it’s a good or bad idea, but my opinion is that the World Cup is the World Cup,” said 2018 World Cup winner Mbappe at the Globe Soccer Awards ceremony on Monday. Years.

“(It’s) the best thing, the best competition in the world. If you play it every two years, it can be normal to play in the World Cup. I want to say it’s not normal. This (should) be amazing.”

“We play more than 60 matches every year. There is the European Championship, the World Cup, and now the Nations League, many competitions. We are happy to play but when there is a lot it becomes too much.

“If people want to see the quality in the game, the passion, and see what makes football beautiful, I think we have to respect the health of the players.”

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Lewandowski said he was “not a fan” of the idea of ​​playing in the World Cup every two years, noting the burden placed on the players.

“We have a lot of matches every year, many difficult weeks, not just the matches but preparing for the season and preparing for the big tournaments,” the Bayern Munich striker added.

“If you want to offer something special or something different, we also need a break. If the World Cup takes place every two years, the predictions will be about when the players who play at the highest level will collapse… It is something that is physically and mentally impossible.”