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Mbappe reveals the role of the French president in renewing his contract with Paris Saint-Germain

Mbappe reveals the role of the French president in renewing his contract with Paris Saint-Germain

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Kylian Mbappe, Paris Saint-Germain player, revealed the role of Emmanuel Macron, President of France, in renewing his contract with the team, and rejected Real Madrid’s offer.

Mbappe renewed his contract with Paris Saint-Germain for three seasons, until the summer of 2025, although he was one step away from moving to the Meringue ranks, with a free deal, this summer.

Kylian Mbappe explained that French President Emmanuel Macron played a crucial role in his continuation with the Parisian club, noting that he had convinced him to stay and that he had plenty of time to leave in the future.

Mbappe said in an interview with the American newspaper “The New York Times”: “I never imagined that I would talk to the president about my future and the future of my career. Very important to the country, when the president tells you that, it’s very important.”

On the rejection of Real Madrid’s offer and the possibility of representing him in the future, Kylian Mbappe said: “You never know what will happen, I was not there (Real Madrid) before, but I feel like it’s my home or something.”

Mbappe denied that he has administrative authority and influence over the decisions of Paris Saint-Germain, saying: “This is not my business, and I do not want to do it, because I am not good at it, I am good on the field, but off the field is not my role, there are many people better than me.” .

It is noteworthy that Kylian Mbappe (23 years) played 5 matches with the Parisian club in the French Ligue 1 this season, during which he scored 7 goals.

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