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McDonald’s import experience: “We ordered 800, we barely got to 300…but we still made money.”

Photo: Jerry Zimen, from the delivery stand, pictogram

We have dealt with delivery platforms such as Wolt, Bolt Food or Dáme jídlo on the portal many times. We were based on our readers’ experiences, as well as our own. For example, we learned that carriers are sometimes not entirely reliable, but the companies make up for the problem. We now post another experience criticizing the restaurant but again praising the company.

One reader described his experience with complaints on the Wolt platform.

Even before that, he praised the possibility of the so-called Wolt +. This is a monthly subscription where selected restaurants will deliver food to you for free. And although it is “chosen”, the fact is that the offer applies to the vast majority of companies.

You pay 109 crowns per month. And that’s it. You no longer have to pay for shipping.

But a reader told the editors that he was not completely satisfied with the service provided by the restaurants used by Wolt’s couriers. According to him, some items are often missing from the order.

Almost every second.

“It’s like it never happened. Often it’s just something small, for example ketchup or french fries. It’s worse when the main item on the menu is missing, this often happens with fast food, especially snacks.”

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Worst experience – McDonald’s

According to him, he had the worst experience when ordering from McDonald’s, when he ordered a set of three of these fast food items. “We had three menus and a few other things to go along with. One burger came, and fries, too, but the catch is, about five sauces came,” he shook his head.

However, at that moment he turned around and began to praise the delivery company: “But they always solve the problem and accommodate everything. So when I came back to the fact that they brought us food for about three hundred Mekáče and an order of about 800, after all, it was resolved very quickly, in Reality as always. Walt even refunded the entire order as an apology, so you could say we made a profit.”

Top notch customer support

Customer support is working on Wolt, which solves similar issues.

“But if something is missing, you have to take a picture of it right away, they want to take a picture of it,” he points out.

According to him, communication with customer support was always prompt and hassle-free. The worker will later provide if the customer wants to import the lost item back or get the money back. Either directly to the account or in so-called credits that can be used for further orders.

“If something goes wrong, we always try to correct the error, while the specific form of the solution depends on the type of complaint. At the same time, we usually respond to all questions in the support center within a few seconds, ”Jana Jarusova, Wolta Marketing Director, told the website.

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The reader confirmed her words.

Everything goes behind the restaurant

But we were mainly concerned with how Wolt handles refunds in the face of so many complaints, namely if it pays any percentage of the amount out of its own money.

“The restaurant from which the customer orders the food is responsible for preparing the order. When there is a complaint about this, we also deal with it through support – while maintaining a pleasant partner service and prompt agreement, as with customers. Then we ensure that the correct food is re-delivered or Compensation to the customer,” Yarusova told the editors.

“In general, we note a high return rate for customers who have used our support services. This confirms that a positive experience with our customer support is one of the reasons why they want to use Wolt services again,” Jarošová added.

However, it is said that it is impossible to know how many complaints were made:

“We tried to get specific data, but it wasn’t possible to separate how many messages were negative and related to complaints, so it wouldn’t be very helpful,” Jan Skalnik of Walt responded.