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معنى اسم ماري

Meaning the name Mary and prescriptions bearing this name

Follow-up – Jawdat Nasri

Many, many beautiful and wonderful names pass by us every day, as well as names whose origin and meaning are questionable, and whether they are forbidden, permissible, or loved to be called by, and today we have a name that is very popular in many countries, especially foreign countries, and this name is the name Mary, that name that many Blessed names.

Mary name meaning

Mary is a feminine name with English origins. It means a high-ranking lady who enjoys dignity, greatness, and sophistication. It also means righteousness to sorrows and pains. This name also means the master or master of glorification, respect, and reverence. It is one of the beloved and widespread names among the Coptic brothers.

Characteristics of Mary

Mary is a kind, gentle-hearted, sensitive girl with delicate feelings.

– Mary is a girl who is characterized by a kind heart and calm nature. She is also loving to her parents, honoring them and always being kind to them.

– She loves goodness, gives a helping hand to everyone who needs it, and contributes a lot to doing good.

– An athletic girl who loves to play sports and maintain her grace and beauty.

– Mary loves life and is optimistic, full of vitality, activity and launch.

She loves adventure and experiences, and she is ambitious and risk-taking.

A quiet girl who loves calm and loves to hear soft romantic music.

She loves beauty, cares a lot about her appearance and elegance, and loves calm colors.

She loves to read romantic novels, and she loves traveling and trips with friends.

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Mary is a social girl who has many friends who love and trust her.

– Mary excels in her studies and work, and loves to be unique and distinguished in everything.