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Mechanism to inquire about traffic violations via mobile 1443 without Absher

Mechanism to inquire about traffic violations via mobile 1443 without Absher

Many motorists in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia want to know the mechanism for inquiring about traffic violations without resorting to the Absher electronic platform 2022, due to the difficulty of dealing with the Absher platform, and the General Department of Traffic inside the Kingdom indicated that. There are several steps through which it is possible to inquire about violations without Absher, and there are also different numbers to inquire about traffic violations, which you can use when you want to know what to do with the violations apart from entering the platform.

The mechanism for inquiring about traffic violations through the 2022 mobile phone without Absher

  • First you have to call the following number 989.
  • Then follow the following voice commands to access the traffic violations inquiry service.
  • Click number 1 to choose Arabic.
    Then click No. 1 again to choose the Traffic Violations Inquiry Service.
  • Enter the civil registry number required of you.
    Enter your civil registration number followed by the following code #
  • Follow the voice instructions after that, and you will receive a text message with the details of the traffic violations related to the civil registry number.

What are the numbers to inquire about traffic violations in the Kingdom?

In addition to the previous number, there are other numbers to inquire about traffic violations in Saudi Arabia, provided by the Ministry of Interior to facilitate the matter for Saudi citizens and residents:

Where those previous numbers are available to contact them at the following times from half past seven in the morning until thirty-second daily, and you can also send a text message to the following number 88993 with your ID number or residence number and details of all traffic violations on your vehicle to be paid.

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The General Directorate of Traffic in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The General Traffic Department in the Kingdom follows the public services departments and is financially and administratively linked to the Public Security Directorate in the Kingdom. It was established in 1961 and its head office is located in Riyadh. There are several tasks that the General Traffic Department has to perform, including:

  • Vehicle registration and issuance of driving licenses.
  • Implementation of the decisions of higher authorities
  • Following up on driving schools in the Kingdom.
  • Follow up on car shows.
  • Making the annual budget for traffic departments.
  • Collecting the value of traffic fines.
  • Direct follow-up to the periodic inspection centers in the neighborhoods of the Kingdom.
  • Representing public security inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Representing the Kingdom in traffic meetings in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.