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Medhat Saleh: We are thinking about “And between us is a date 2”

Cairo: Heba Saleh

The star, Medhat Saleh, confirmed that the makers of the series “We Bina Maad” have a great intention to present a second part of the work, after the great success that the series achieved when it was shown, and Saleh said in a statement to him: The idea of ​​​​presenting a second part of the series is on the table, especially after the great success that The work achieved it when it was shown last January, but we have not finally settled the matter yet, and the idea began with the end of filming the first part, and I think that the author and director Hani Kamal are working on that now.

The events of the series revolved around the details of life, its problems, and the crises of raising children in the middle class, through homes, places of work and study, and daily problems that can be faced with simple practical solutions, through the Hassan family, who played his role, Sabri Fawaz, whose wife died and left him four children: Ali, Taher, Murad, and Mustafa grew up on democracy, and Nadia’s family, Sherine Reda, divorced her husband, leaving her four girls, Arwa, Hind, Laila, and Nelly, and grew up on repression and dictatorship. All the time.

Medhat Saleh participated in the series “We Bina Maad”, Sherine Reda, Sabri Fawaz, Basma, Wafa Sadiq, Khaled Anwar, Muhammad Suleiman, Nadia Rashad, Dalia Shawky, and it was written and directed by Hani Kamal.

On the other hand, Medhat Saleh revealed his desire to present a new color of songs in the coming period and said: I plan to sing rap, after I presented many forms of singing, and my singing for the beginning and end sequences in the series “We Have a Date” was a new form for me, which motivated me to think about Introducing other forms in the coming period. I love songs that are presented for drama, as they make me recall the situation easier, because I have heard the story and events in the movie or series especially. Work, and that’s what makes Songs Within Dramas work.

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