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Media arts and emotional leakage!

Media arts and emotional leakage!

Emotional feeling is a release for feelings, but it is also a kind of comfort and relaxation of conscience. Art is also a release for feelings, but it is a stimulating and exciting release. Art is the economics of conscience. It is the conscience taking a beautiful form.

The human being in us would not move away from the ocean between his two banks, nor would he deal, and even deal with, any artistic or media messages he received without sympathy! Sympathy is the great gateway to entering the conscience and even controlling it. Let us integrate and then interact after this sympathy that touches with the human being stored in us; All of this works on interaction, which in turn leads to decision-making, and here lies the danger of what is sent to us of technical and media materials that may carry in its folds matters that target the collective mind in the end! The English philosopher Herbert Trade says: “The word sympathy means feeling. It is natural that we can immerse our feelings in anything we perceive, but when we generalize the issue in this way there is little distinction between the leakage of emotion and sympathy.

From this substitution and integration that the recipient himself goes through, it is nothing but a melting in the selves of things to get out of them with what psychologists call pleasure, which may resonate ourselves with embodiment and access to sensibles instead of tangibles.

Therefore, media scholars and researchers used its tools, whether technical or otherwise, to rely on the belief that represents a great firmness in the human mentality, which has a great role in interacting with human nature itself, and which touches with the human dimension on the other hand, which ultimately results in “ Emotional leakage” The emotion when receiving is the essence of that genie in us that plays the role of venting for us, it is that magician who forces us to make the decision in the end!

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The Muslim philosophers have made the five senses the tool for capturing all the surrounding tangibles and carrying them into the conscience voluntarily to complete brain processes and functions in a vessel called (Amygdala) in the front of the head (the corner), which is the home of fluctuation and sensation between happiness or misery. The nasiyah is that being primarily responsible for making the decision, and God Almighty mentioned it in his dear book because it is of paramount importance in the human paths throughout his life and making his decisions!

This is because this interaction between the senses and all the data received by us through those senses is what leads the individual among us to make the decision in the end through the gate of pleasure in receiving.

The aforementioned philosopher says in this regard that “perception of the muscles and limbs means that a person interprets the position of himself so that he becomes above the thing and within the thing and the feeling, through it. The pursuit of sensation in its various forms is human pleasure and pain, and art in the first degree is based on this high degree of sensations.” .

Art is defined in a simpler and more humorous way as an attempt to create pleasurable forms, and such forms create a sense of beauty, and our sense of art and beauty is satisfied when we are able to savor the unity and harmony of a set of formal relationships among the things our senses perceive.

This human pursuit of perception in different dimensions, starting from the first line and passing through anthropomorphism and scaling in all pictorial forms, is nothing but a quest for salvation from the tangible to the tangible. When we contemplate a work of art, we feel a kind of relief, but we also feel a kind of exaltation, grandeur and transcendence. Herein lies the main difference between art and emotional feeling. Emotional feeling is a release from feelings, but it is also a kind of comfort and relaxation of conscience. Art is also a vent for feelings, but it is a stimulating and exciting vent. Art is the economics of conscience. It is the conscience taking a beautiful form.

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These are the orbits of philosophers in the field of the philosophy of receiving in the media and in art, so that it would not have come on its own in our hands to present information or to help students, but rather to let us all realize the danger of what is presented to us in the media and art, and the extent of its benefit from its harm to future generations in light of what they are teeming with. The media and artistic arenas of arts, literature, news materials and others without realizing that formulation of our inner selves and ultimately causing us to make decisions that we may not pay attention to and the extent of their danger to the structure of the personality itself and to identity, nationalism and patriotism, and to interact to a great extent with our issues consciously, awareness in the end is the target.

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