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Meet the latest safety measures… tires.  Don't you wear them too?

Meet the latest safety measures… tires. Don’t you wear them too?

Continental is assembling nearly 70,000 tires as a precaution. The reason is three cases of sudden air leakage.

Continental AG holds a total of 67,128 ContiEcoContact 5 tires in size 235/55 R17103 H XL, as well as Report Svolávač . website. The company handles potential risks responsibly, embarking on a major event after only three cases of sudden air leaks. Fortunately, no personal injuries were reported, and only minor property damage was reported.

According to the German company, sporadic failures occurred in cases where the tires were used frequently or for a long time under high load or overload. The event covers manufactured tires from Week 40 of 2015 to Week 2 of 2021. Continental has launched a voluntary tire change program to avoid potential hazards.


It is also interesting to note that the defect has so far only occurred in the Volkswagen Caravelle and Multivan. “Continental’s investigation found no similar disadvantage in using these tires on other types of vehicles.” Standing in the solemn statement.

It is also important to note that some potentially defective tires may be located in the Czech Republic, where they were delivered in recent years. In addition to our country, the event also covers thirteen other countries, randomly Germany, Austria, Poland and Spain.

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