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Meet the #WorldCzech Republic and enter the competition with Europe2

Meet the #WorldCzech Republic and enter the competition with Europe2

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Meet the #WorldCzech Republic and enter the competition with Europe2

But there is another way to get to know the unique beauty and soul of the city. On the contrary, look down from the towers and from a bird’s eye view to enjoy the unusual views of the historic squares, the red roofs of the houses, and the river. VltavaAnd its bridges and sea front. The rarest and most beautiful constellations are open today. Choose from our offer of seven Prague Towers in the city center, or better yet stay here longer and wrap around them all, each offering a different, but always unique view of the most impressive parts of the city.

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Tower Bridge Old Town It is a gateway Charles Bridge Which – which From the old city. It is considered the most beautiful gothic portal From Europe And the most amazing civil gothic work in the world. For an extraordinary view of Charles Bridge Just climb 136 degrees. Both breathtaking although a complete difference is the view from Small City Bridge Towers On the other side Charles Bridge. Another look at Mala strana With its picturesque red roofs and magical atmospheres it presents the former city bell tower next to the temple Street. Nicholas On The small town square With a distinctive huge green copper dome. Other interesting views of the city are provided by the Late Goths Powder gate From 1475, which was built as part of the fortifications and at the same time a monumental entrance to From the old city. The six story seems somewhat unclear Novoml water tower .nWhich was made publicly available only recently. There is a unique interactive exhibit about the Prague fires and the history of Prague firefighters. Creative view of … Prague Of course the Hundred Towers Old Town Hall Tower And known Petrin Tower Nicknamed the Czech Eiffel tower. You can get tickets through the website Prague city tourism On What is happening in Prague now? Be inspired by our tips for places to go for culture and entertainment to read on our blog

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