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ميجان ماركل والأمير هاري يكشفان عن أول صورة لابنتهما بمناسبة عيد الميلاد

Megan Markle and Prince Harry reveal their daughter’s first Christmas photo

Parents Prince Harry and Megan Markle unveiled the picture of their daughter Lilliput ‘Lily’ Diana Mountbatten-Windsor for the first time on June 4 after her mother. The whole family appears to be in a good mood.

Meghan and Harry revealed a photo of their first daughter
Meghan and Harry revealed a photo of their first daughter

They said to the photo, “This year, in 2021, we welcome our daughter Lilliput into the world. Archie made us” mom “and” dad “and Lily made us family.”

“As we look to 2022, we have made donations on your behalf to a number of organizations that value and protect families – from immigrants from Afghanistan to American families in need of paid parental leave,” they added. Hello.

After Prince Harry and his wife Megan Markle lost their popularity in the United Kingdom, state expert Daniela Elser said they could not achieve any popularity in the United States, according to the website. Recent The Queen, Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton kept their pictures on newspaper covers in the United States, continuing to show public interest in Windsor Stateside, while failing to generate the broad support that many Duke and Duchess of Sussex had hoped for.

In her article, Daniela Elser spoke about the tremendous efforts of Megan and Harry over the past two years to build a broader support for Megan and Harry in the United States and to become influential figures in American society, and how she and her husband have so far failed. Achieve that goal.

He said Meghan and Harry had made huge and successful investments in these efforts and that included their controversial interview with Oprah Winfrey. Harry announced his plans to publish his memoirs and Megan’s support for political efforts to push Congress to pass new laws in favor of family and children only succeeded in creating further controversy around them..

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In his article, Elser noted that Megan Markle and Harry made many mistakes and failed choices, which not only failed to present Megan and Harry well to the American community, but also made them look good. Sadly, the state expert says..