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Megan provoked a racist crisis in the Commonwealth and threatened the Queen's rule

Megan provoked a racist crisis in the Commonwealth and threatened the Queen’s rule

The British newspaper “Daily Mail” confirmed that the lies of Megan Markle and her husband Harry, during a meeting with the American media Oprah Winfrey, raised questions among its senior members that they reflected the racism of the British state establishment. Strong motivation for the Republican Party in Jamaica at the worst possible moment.

Although they talked about faith and love for the Commonwealth, he said that Harry and Meghan were responsible for its destruction.

Megan’s claim to Oprah about what she called “state racism” was asked what color her unborn baby’s skin was, and she said it was used by Republicans across the Commonwealth to end the Queen’s rule in her final years.

The newspaper pointed out that this was due to activists using media attention to the William and Kate trip to do more damage to the Commonwealth.

One source close to the royal palace said: “It was a dream come true after Megan lied to Oprah, and now it has come true.”

Bert Samuels, a Jamaican lawyer and compensation lawyer who used Meghan’s tears to force the United Kingdom to carry out his political mission to compensate Africans who were brought to the island in 1833.

He told Newsweek: “The Jamaicans were very torn about Harry and Megan during an interview with Oprah Winfrey.

As a journalist and actress, Megan has broken most of the stories about her turbulent time in the royal family, including her decision to step down from royal duties, which is hard to believe.

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