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ذاكرة اليوم.. إلغاء اتفاقية الجلاء وميلاد المشير طنطاوى ورحيل مصطفى محمود

Memories of that day .. Eviction agreement canceled, Field Marshal Tantawi born and Mustafa Mahmood out

September 31st marked the birth of many important events that changed the world map. Today coincides with the occasional celebration of annual events, which we will review in the next report.

Major events in world history

1517Martin Luther hung a document containing 95 treatises on the door of the castle church in Wittenberg during the so-called Protestant Reformation.

1956France and the United Kingdom launched a bombardment campaign against Egypt, forcing it to open the Suez Canal, severing diplomatic relations with the United Kingdom and France following the Egyptian tripartite occupation, and announcing the cancellation of the expulsion agreement signed in 1954..

1984Assassination of Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

2011After the ratification of 107 member states, 14 rejections and 52 boycotts, the Palestinian state gains full membership in UNESCO, and the United States cuts funding for the organization following this decision..

2018The world’s tallest statue of unity, 182 meters long, was unveiled in India..

Was born

1632Johannes Vermeer, Dutch painter.

1795John Keats, English poet.

1855Joseph Wright, linguist from the United Kingdom.

1870Sir William Jackson Pope, English chemist.

1935Mohammed Hussein Tandavi, former commander of the Egyptian Armed Forces.

1982Mas Hamton, Jordanian actress and singer.


1962Louis Macion, French Orientalist.

1973Malik Bennabi, Algerian writer and thinker.

1984Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister of India.

2009Mustafa Mahmoud, Egyptian thinker, physician, writer and author.

2018Hamdi Kandil, Egyptian journalist.

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