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ذاكرة اليوم.. ماركس ينشر الإعلان الشيوعى وإعلان الحماية البريطانية على مصر

Memories of that day .. Marx issues the Communist Declaration and the British Defense Declaration on Egypt.

On February 21, as many stars of art, politics and literature were born on this day, many important events took place that changed the map of the world.

Important events

1848 – Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels issue the Communist Manifesto.

1922 – United Kingdom lifts security over Egypt in 1914.

1946 – A general body of Egyptian workers and students calls for a general strike against British occupation officials in response to the February 9 Abbas Bridge incident.

1965 – Malcolm X or L-Hajj Malik Shahbaz, President of the African Union and spokesman for the Islamic State, is assassinated in a convention hall in New York City.

Was born

1914 – Mustafa Amin, journalist and writer.

Tahiya Karioka, Belly Dancer and Actress.

1938 – Nadia Azad, actress.

1950 – Khalid Jackie, actor.



1677 – Bruch Spinoza, Dutch philosopher.

1965 – Malcolm X becomes the official spokesman for the Nation of Islam.

1973 – Salva Hekasi, broadcaster.

1984 – Mikhail Sholokhov, Russian writer, winner of the 1965 Nobel Prize in Literature.

1985 – Mahmoud Shkoko, actor and monologist (b.

1995 – Muhammad Reda, actor.

2003 – Nelly Musloom, actress.

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