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ذاكرة اليوم.. رفع علم فلسطين على مقر منظمة اليونسكو وميلاد ماجدة الرومى

Memory of the day.. Raising the flag of Palestine on the headquarters of UNESCO and the birth of Magda El Roumi

On December 12, many important events that changed the map of the world took place. On this day, many stars of art, politics and literature were born in various fields, and prominent literary, political and artistic personalities also left us, and today coincides with the celebration of annual events periodically, and this is what We will review it in the next report.

Important events in world history

2003 – The arrest of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

2011 – The flag of Palestine is raised at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, after it was accepted as a full member of the United Nations organization on October 31, 2011.


1720 – Carlo Giozzi, an Italian playwright.

1797 – Heinrich Heine, a German poet.

1923 – Gottes Schragle, a German professor specializing in Arabic language and literature.

1927 – Nadia Rafik, an Egyptian actress.

1929 – Camelia, an Egyptian actress.

1934 – Ihsan Kamal, an Egyptian novelist.

1956 – Magda El Roumi, a Lebanese singer.

are leaving

558 – Childebert I, Frankish king.

1048 – Abu al-Rayhan al-Biruni, Persian mathematician, physicist, and astronomy specialist.

1769 – Christian Forstegut-Gellert, a German poet.

1863 – Friedrich Hebel, a German writer.

1885 – Iskandar Abkarios, a Lebanese Ottoman writer, poet, historian and journalist.

1963 – Sheikh Mahmoud Shaltout, Sheikh of Al-Azhar Mosque.

1972 – Rashid Al-Saif, Kuwaiti poet and educator.

1978 – Abdo El-Srougy, Egyptian actor and singer.

1983 – Baheja Hafez, Egyptian actress, director and writer.

1983 – Nikita Stanescu, Romanian poet (b.

2016 – Zubeida Tharwat, Egyptian actress.

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