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Oáza v Sokolově

Men are also starting to go for healthy, honest food, says chef from Oasis

Everyone can choose from the menu. The local cuisine is meat, vegetarian and gluten-free. In addition to delicious meals, salads, soups and desserts, authentic coffee has been added at the newly opened café. We are talking about the non-profit organization Dolmen, which operates the oasis on the old square in Sokolov. And not only this. Experienced chefs and confectioners in the kitchen are assisted by people with disabilities who would find it difficult to find a job elsewhere. There were six of them and with the newly opened cafe, two more got a chance. And they are happy for her.

Barua describes his nearly monthly experience: “I loved it here. I was nervous at first, but it’s better now. There’s a rumble in the kitchen.” Next to her, another promotion is the experienced Zuzka, who has been helping the chefs for about six years, practically since the beginning of the project. “I love it here too, and wouldn’t change it,” he says.

“Last fall, thanks to the support of the Avast Endowment Fund, we were able to launch the dream of delivery and revitalize the oasis and thus improve the working environment for the staff and the dining room. In June, in addition to the kitchen and dining room, we launched a café that closes at 6.30pm. Well, we cook well and now we make great coffee ”, CEO Gabriela Vrapkova attracts guests.

“We offer a coffee menu and the basis is coffee from a family roaster in Ostrava. We offer lemonade, pastries, cakes and homemade pancakes and want to include gluten-free diets. People have heard a lot about it lately,” says one of the chefs. He adds, they are not thrown food. In the vast majority of cases, they sell it. If something happens to be left behind, clients will get it at a low-threshold shelter or facility. It adds another interesting note. “Men who used to eat in different canteens started walking. They say they have no problem digesting or burning after our meal. That’s because we don’t use any instant flavors and we cook honestly. When vegetable broth is supposed to be made from vegetables. When it comes to meat, as well Meat”, logically reads her recipe on how to attract new customers.

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And they have another vision in the oasis. “In addition to the front garden, we like to rent a piece of lawn in front of the building and organize picnics or a proper breakfast. At the same time, it can contribute at least a little to the revitalization of the old square,” adds Vrapkova. People with disabilities have a chance to be included here. When they get it, they respect it and think they can handle it, that they own it.