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الفنانة منة شلبي

Menna Shalaby returns to the spotlight with “Sunset Oasis” and a picture of “Hamouda Al-Ashek”

Menna Shalaby topped the search engines on social networking sites due to the rerun of the series “Sunset Oasis” and the image of “Hamouda Al-Asheq” in the movie “The Magician”.

The series “Sunset Oasis”

The cbc drama channel announced the re-run of the series “The Sunset Oasis”, starring Khaled Al-Nabawi and Menna Shalaby, daily on its screen at 6 pm Cairo time, after the work was shown for the first time in the month of Ramadan of 2017, and it is replayed permanently on most channels.

The series “Sunset Oasis” was adapted from the novel of the writer Bahaa Taher, which won the Booker Prize for Arabic Fiction in 2008, and the script and dialogue by Maryam Naoum and Hala Al-Zoghandi, directed by Kamila Abu Zekry and starring Khaled Al-Nabawi, Menna Shalaby, Sayed Rajab, Jordanian Rakeen Saad, Lebanese Carol Al-Hajj, Ahmed Kamal. , Rushdi Al-Shami, Mahmoud Masoud, Nahed Rushdi, Donia Maher, Louay Omran, Khaled Kamal, Maha Nassar and artist Rajaa Hussein.

The events revolve around the end of the 19th century, after the failure of the Urabi Revolution, about the story of an Egyptian police officer (Mahmoud Abdel-Zaher), who is transferred to Siwa Oasis; After being accused of practicing some of the revolutionary ideas of Jamal al-Din al-Afghani, he goes there with his foreign wife (Catherine), who is passionate about Egyptian antiquities, where they begin a new experience in which the past is mixed with the present, and the East with the West on the human and civilized levels.

A picture of “Hamouda” Menna Shalaby’s lover

On the other hand, the pioneers of social networking sites shared a picture of the young man “Hammouda”, who played the role of Menna Shalaby’s lover in the enchanting film, the artist “Sari Al-Najjar”.

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Sari Al-Najjar began his relationship with cinema through his discoverer, the late director Osama Fawzy in the movie Paradise of the Devils in 1999, through the character of Adel with the artist Mahmoud Hamida and Lebleba.

Osama Fawzy had seen him on one of the theaters and he was giving a theatrical performance, and he asked for a casting work for “Paradise of Devils”, and chose him from among a thousand people nominated at the time because the casting was an advertisement published in a newspaper.

Sari Al-Najjar said that “Paradise of Devils” was “his first experience, and Osama Fawzy helped him a lot because he was not fluent in reading Arabic, and most of the presentations he presented at the American University, so he worked with him on the character he played in the film, and he was with him Amr Waked, Salah Fahmy and Caroline Khalil, and began Rehearsals in his downtown office.

Menna Shalaby said in a previous interview with her about the movie “The Magician”: “Mama was slapped when I learned that my colleague Sari Al-Najjar kissed me in one of the scenes of the movie The Wizard, and Mahmoud Abdel Aziz reassured her that they were acting kisses and that they were on the cheeks until she watched the movie, and she saw these scenes and slapped her cheeks and said My argument was lost, and of course I was young and it was a very difficult day in my life.”

After a few films, Paradise of the Devils, the City, the Wizard, Autumn of Adam and Dale Al Samaka, Sari Al-Najjar disappeared for many years and then appeared in a Jordanian series, Mokhawi Al Deeb, but he did not repeat the experience.

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Sari Al-Najjar currently lives in Sweden with his family, away from the cinema and the lights.