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Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX

Mercedes aerodynamic magic breaks records. Will we see this car on the road?

Although Mercedes is launching electric mobility with expensive luxury cars that look less for energy consumption, the novelty in the form of the Vision EQXX concept prototype indicates that there is scope for electric vehicles to set a better parameter in terms of electricity consumption and overall vehicle efficiency.

At first glance, this Mercedes is reminiscent of the aerodynamic concepts from Volkswagen and Honda, and the experimental cars were set to break the record for fuel consumption. Some of them also got into small production.

Aerodynamic drag is one of the biggest competitors for efficiency, which is behind a large number of energy consumption at high speeds. Therefore, the Vision EQXX study chassis is designed with maximum aerodynamics and the resulting value of the air resistance coefficient of 0.17 is really a very good value on a technological level, if the vehicle can meet the requirements of transmission capacity, safety and compatibility with normal operation.

Tydveov vz with a wheelbase of 2.8 m weighs a relatively low 1750 kg, which is really small due to the relatively large battery with a capacity of less than 100 kWh. The battery is a new design and uses a 900V chassis, giving you energy density, fast charging and more payback. Compared to the EQS model, the 100 kWh battery has half the dimensions and less weight. The total weight of the battery, including accessories, is 495 kg.

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX

A necessary step was also to reduce the loss in the drive chain and, according to Mercedes, was able to achieve 95% efficiency in transmitting electricity from the battery via a 204hp electric motor on wheels. The current value of electric vehicles is between 70 and 85%.

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More details, for example, built-in solar panels on the wall, which are designed to supply about 25 kilometers per day) will also help reduce tires with low rolling resistance. The combined consumption of electricity should be less than 10 kWh per 100 km, which is really small and lively, corresponding to a consumption of about 1.12 l / 100 km.

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX

In order for Mercedes to achieve the lowest possible weight, it did not even experiment with materials (after all, without a battery, the car weighed only about 1250 kg). Carbon fiber and mud compounds are used on the body, mud and brake discs are used for you, which is really interesting. But this car will still slow down other recoveries and the wheels are only available in an emergency. Newly designed brake pads have 90% clearance.

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX

So far, it is uncertain whether it will remain only with the study and the experimental prototype (the car is already driving and running), or whether Mercedes has also decided to sell, at least to a somewhat limited series. According to the pictures, the wall is ready for normal use. Let’s be surprised.