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Mercedes-Benz will start selling Level 3 independent cars

The development of self-driving cars continues and after a long time we will move forward again, at least with regard to the available “common” cars. So far, the limit has been partially Autonomous Level 2 (SAE Level 2), which still means only Advanced Driving Assistants. So it is far from a completely independent procedure. One exception is Honda Legend, which has been offering Level 3 to the UAE since this spring, but there is a limited program to rent these cars to a select group of users. This technology is still not generally available. Mercedes Benz It goes a little further and the luxury S-Class and EQS sedans will have Level 3 independent control from next year. Anyone (with money) will be able to buy a car with his support.

Mercedes-Benz Drive Pilot Level 3

Mercedes-Benz has received a license from the German regulator KBA to operate at this level, as it meets all the requirements of UN-R-157. This would facilitate recognition of the same in the demands of the European Union, the United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea and Australia, which could speed up international acceptance. technology pilot leadership Cars will enter the first half of 2022 and, in addition to the existing assistants, will also provide advanced autonomous control functions, but of course with some limitations.

Mercedes-Benz Drive Pilot Level 3

At the third level, it will only operate at a speed of 60 km / h, and it should be ideal for heavy traffic or traffic jams, for example, on highways. Although the driver must take over the task if necessary, he does not have to pay attention to it as actively as in Level 2. According to Mercedes, the driver can use the In-Car Office function while driving, i.e. shopping online or writing letters Email, communicate with colleagues, or watch a movie. Let us remind you here that Mercedes-Benz is currently holding a social event due to the fact that it was possible to drive cars with low levels of self-driving and at the same time have access to, for example, TV shows. competitor Tesla has a similar scandalHowever, it has not yet taken similar action. Even if the driver is not playing (which can be very dangerous), the passenger’s play on the screen can distract the driver, which can reduce his or her attention. Interestingly, there is a limit to video playback in Tesla, but not to gaming.

Mercedes-Benz Drive Pilot Level 3

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Drive Pilot will be limited to 13,191 kilometers of roads in Germany for now, and tests are already underway in the United States and China. Among other things, the system responds to traffic lights, the behavior of surrounding cars, which are used by many different sensors. For example in front of us are two types of radars (long distance 90 ° horizontal and 9 ° vertically and universal type with 120 ° viewing angle), 120 ° lidar, there is also a 70 ° stereo camera, the car also has a 360 ° camera system consisting of four 120 cameras degrees with interference, there is a 50-degree camera in the back, there are also 12 ultrasonic sensors (6 front, 6 rear) with a viewing angle of 120 degrees, there is a driver’s camera, antenna, humidity sensor and for higher security, there is also a backup system for the whole system.In In the event of a malfunction, the main device can control the power supply, braking and steering system.

The exact location of the vehicle can be determined on a high-resolution map thanks to the interaction of multiple sensors, so it collects data from satellite navigation, sensors and an HD map. The data from the HD map is compared to the recorded reality, or modified and the accuracy is achieved in centimeters.

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