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Mercedes overtook Tesla, and its independent management got the green light in Germany

Mercedes overtook Tesla, and its independent management got the green light in Germany

Mercedes with Drive Pilot drivers in certain circumstances will be able to drive the vehicle independently without ever placing their hands on the steering wheel.

When it comes to self-driving, most of us think of the Tesla Autopilot system, which has always been quite unique with unparalleled capabilities. However, traditional automakers have not been embarrassed for long and now the card is slowly turning. At least in the old continent.

Mercedes-Benz has received approval from the German KBA agency, which oversees road safety, to launch the Drive Pilot autonomous steering system for its customers, which is provided by level three assistants. At the same time, the Tesla Autopilot system is still classified as a Tier 2 system.


KBA approval for the Mercedes-Benz Drive Pilot, which should be fitted with the flagship S-Class and EQS models as early as the first half of next year, will allow drivers to drive independently and without having to put their hands on the steering wheel. Speeds of up to 60 km / h.

Drive Pilot will allow drivers to not deal with traffic and focus on some secondary activitiesThe auto maker said. As an example, mention talking to colleagues, writing emails, surfing the Internet, or watching movies.

The system may now be useful, for example, when driving in traffic jams, but it has higher ambitions for the future. However, it is not yet certain when the German authorities will allow its functionality, for example at speeds up to 130 km / h, or when it will allow the assistant to perform independent overtaking and overtaking from lane to lane.

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At the same time, Level 3 autonomous and semi-autonomous control systems were approved in Germany as early as 2017. According to Mercedes-Benz, there are about 13,100 km of motorways in Germany where the Drive Pilot system can be safely used.

The KBA’s approval to deploy a third-level autonomous management system is currently valid only for Germany, but the automaker is said to be already seeking its approval in other global markets. The United States and China will be among the most important countries.

Tesla, seen as a leader in autonomous management systems, has sought recognition from German authorities for a higher class of autonomous management systems in the past, but it has faced autopilot, which could give customers false expectations about the capabilities of the system. The system is still referred to as a level two assistant, and drivers still have to put their hands on the steering wheel so they can control the vehicle at any time.