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Merkel and Macron do not want Britain to win Euro 2020 for this reason - Politics - International Variety

Merkel and Macron do not want Britain to win Euro 2020 for this reason – Politics – International Variety

EU leaders do not want the UK to win Euro 2020, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron, as they leave the EU, believes Swedish parliamentarian Peter Lundgren.

Many Europeans in the four major countries of the European Union believe that since Brexit, relations between British and European politicians have become less friendly. Many also believe that the EU is bent on punishing the UK for withdrawing from this regional group.

Despite a comprehensive trade agreement in December last year, the findings of an exclusive Euronews poll conducted by two pollsters, Redfield and Walton Strategy, reflect a close relationship between the two sides.

The referendum in France, Germany, Italy and Spain to the European Union and its members to the citizens about the conduct of British politicians warms up more or less changed, or not changed after pireksittirkup asked that thought.

51% of citizens in Spain, 43% in Italy, 39% in Germany and 37% in France consider Britain’s behavior to have become “less friendly”.

The Euronews poll also found that many in the four EU countries agreed with the statement: “The EU wants to punish the UK for leaving the EU.”

In an exclusive interview with the Express newspaper, Lundgreen also agreed with this statement. “The EU is trying to make things harder for the UK,” he says.

“You can see the frustration on the faces of European leaders in the discussions they have had in the forums. They are frustrated. They want to see a stronger and bigger EU than before. Of course, they are not trying to make things easier in the UK.”

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When asked if Macron and Angela Merkel want England to win Euro 2020, Lundgreen said: “I will say from my experience that they are not sure England will win.” “They never want England to win,” he says.