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Merkel was silent, which she did not force him to. During the Czech presidency, she helped Topolnik, Jindrick recalls | Homepage Jak je nejvt ddictv Angela Merklov?
Eight years of political and economic stability left behind by Germany. Before that, it was not quite a simple situation, the country united in an incomplete loop in Germany, and it will take some time. It was one of the previous entrances to the company.

And outside the castle office, Rudolf Jindrk. Was it a stabilizing factor even in Czech-German relations?
You can’t talk about just one person, but thanks to the fact that she was still number one for eight years, she naturally defined a lot of things. She was also directly involved in direct Czech-Bavarian relations, which were very important. We started one with Bavaria in 2009 and it took two years, we never got the first Bavarian offer to visit Prague and the Czech Republic in Munich again. Merkel was regularly informed of the progress of the proceedings, which is very important to her heart. Its advantage was that German power became invisible, so the rest of the European Union did not pit one another.
Is this correct. In large cities, the most common scale is between the national term and the common term. You linked it uniquely. I have never felt at the same time from you and the European Council that she would prefer the German interest to the company. Its great value was that it was able to talk with people and communicate with them. It was done by silent force. She was always ready for one, knew everything in detail, so she was able to combine a number of things and not divide them.

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The question is, if we can respect what we want. If we can do diplomatic deals in a good way. I dare to honor, and I think self-critical, that we could never craft a stimulus. Angela Merkel was the one who would hear us out if we drank with them. Some of them managed to do this in faraway places, such as Hungary or Poland. Of course, something worked, it certainly helped us with some European agendas. Was his respect for him well-known in the field of European politics?
The “protective hand” was there, of course. I became a consultant as soon as we joined the EU, we were new. The fact that the European Union did not back down from the meeting was a huge favor. Vte, it’s very fair. I tried not to go beyond the real hegemony of the great powers, that is, the Franco-German engine, over the others. Even during our 2009 presidency of the European Union, for example, I helped then-Prime Minister Merek Topolnik get involved in one instance, at which time the French president would like to impeach the presidency altogether. The Czech political scene in 2005, when she became a chancellor, was not quite accustomed to a woman in such a high political position. How did you deal with this team?
It really didn’t play a role. However, in every relationship, even the political, feelings are important as well as preparation. And she already had feelings for the entry region and Central Europe, especially for the Czech Republic. Thanks to the emotions, you can watch what is happening in the country. It was very convenient for us. And I’ve heard it in my work as ambassador in Berlin, you’ve always been gracious to care about us, what happens to us, what this and that. She was honest and followed Czech policy.

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I think they will go. As German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier has said so well, our relations are so structured, even at the institutional level, that the EU is not really affected by who actually runs them.