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“Messi is a traitor” engraved on the walls of the “Camp Nou” stadium (photos)


Social networking sites were buzzing with a picture of one of the walls of the “Camp Nou” stadium, the stronghold of Barcelona, ​​with the inscription “Messi is a traitor”, in reference to Lionel Messi’s departure from the Catalan team for financial reasons.

And he wrote on the wall in bold in Spanish: “Messi is a traitor.”

And soon, the Barcelona club management intervened to remove the “offensive” phrase of the team legend.

Some “Barca” fans also denounced this behavior, which they considered “isolated”, and confirmed that Messi remains the club’s legend, and refused to describe him as a traitor, especially since he did not leave the team with his own desire.

Messi held a press conference this afternoon, Sunday, at the “Camp Nou” stadium, the stronghold of Barcelona, ​​in which he announced his departure from the team and bid farewell to the “Barca” fans.

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Last Thursday, Barcelona announced in a statement that its star Messi had left the Catalan club, after twenty years of defending his colors.

And “Barca” stated in his statement, that despite an agreement with Messi, “economic and structural obstacles” prevented the Argentine star from remaining in the arms of the Catalan team.

The club expressed the regret of both parties for this sudden rupture.

With the expiration of Messi’s previous contract with Barcelona on June 30, the six-time Ballon d’Or owner is free to move to the club of his choice, and Saint-Germain remains the most prominent candidate for contracting with him.

Source: social media