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"Meta" reveals the future of the metaphysics world, a long-term project

“Meta” reveals the future of the metaphysics world, a long-term project

There has been a lot of talk about the new generation and the future of the Internet, which is the world of metaviruses, as Meta (formerly Facebook) revealed during the Inside the Lab event that the world of metavirs is the long-term project that Meta seeks to establish its rules, and it is impossible to provide the experiments that it aspires to by using. Existing software and hardware. Accordingly, major advances are required in every technology we use in this huge project.
Meta revealed that artificial intelligence laboratories are making long-term efforts to create basic technologies to enable the next computing era, and announced the Builder Bot, which enables people to create or import things into a virtual world through just voice commands, and announced during the event to enhance the principle of inclusion through the power of Speech and translation, where the No Language Left Behind project is based on creating a single system that can translate between all written languages ​​and break down barriers to communication for the nearly half of the world’s population who do not have access to information available on the Internet in their mother tongue or language of choice. Meta” led to the creation of the Universal Speech Translator project, an artificial intelligence system that provides real-time speech-to-speech translation across all languages, even those that are mostly spoken.
It also revealed a next-generation AI model for chatting with virtual assistants, as the CAIRaoke project is an innovative new approach in AI to conversations, the technology that powers chatbots and assistants, which may one day enable people to have more natural conversations and interactions using their devices, along with Uncovering a new resource for understanding how artificial intelligence systems work. The AI ​​Learning Alliance offers courses on machine learning topics open to all, and creates a consortium of a group of University professors and large numbers of students are from underrepresented groups, and these professors teach the curriculum.
It also revealed the AI-specific recommendations for high-performance open-source TorchRec, a library dedicated to building the latest recommendation systems for the open-source PyTorch machine learning framework. These recommendation systems enhance customization across many of our products.
Meta said that while building the metaverse world, it will need artificial intelligence that facilitates the most challenging tasks that make next-generation computing experiences possible, and this means continuing to work in areas such as self-supervised learning, so we do not rely on the limited data sets that are Classification, true multi-model AI, and thus can accurately interpret and predict the types of interactions that will take place in virtual 3D spaces with many participants. This process also involves our efforts to create the world’s most powerful AI supercomputer to ensure it has the computing resources needed to fuel the future of AI research boom while it is still in its early stages, and its advances will provide a snapshot of what can be achieved through the power of AI. And open science.

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