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Meteorite about strange DNA, the boundaries of the solar system, and life in the mountains

Meteorite about strange DNA, the boundaries of the solar system, and life in the mountains

Are there two types of genetic information?

This is what human DNA looks like when we enlarge it


The letters of the genetic code are A, T, C, G. This is how it is taught in school, and all living forms on our planet have been arranged this way. However, early in 1977, a virus (phage) was discovered, which eroded this certainty slightly. Instead of the letter A, it contains Z. Plus, it is more stable than the letter T. A new study has found other viruses and bacteria with the letter Z. Scientists are wondering if it was the result of evolution or if the letter Z was common on planet Earth early in life’s evolution. The pioneering discovery that has disastrous consequences Dr. Jan Pačes from the AS Institute of Molecular Genetics and Professor of Biology. Yaroslav Peter.

The first evidence of general relativity

A historical photo of a solar eclipse on May 29, 1919, with distinct stars, confirming the changes in their position relative to the known values ​​of relativity theory

Arhor Eddington

Albert Einstein completed his work on the basis of the general theory of relativity in the fall of 1915. He promptly suggested three possibilities to verify: measuring the time slowdown (that is, the path of physical processes) in a place of higher gravity, to find the wavelength extension field and finally to show the diffraction of light in the gravitational field, Because every physical object must bend a ray of light from a straight line, the Sun, for example, by a calculated 1.75 arcseconds. Ironically, the last, and perhaps most daring, result was the first to prove it. An exploration trip of a 102-year solar eclipse. We remembered this in the What’s Happened Today section, edited by Ing. Frantisk Hodik.

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Does life in the mountains affect the human personality?

Wild mountains (illustration)

Photobanka Pixabay

Or the opposite? Did people who were not afraid of harsh conditions go to the mountains for centuries? Personalities with a lesser degree of positive social behavior, protect their resources, distrust strangers, willing and able to take risks, self-reliant individuals. This is what the theory says. If so, he did great research with the help of mountain psychologists. How did it turn out? Do the same conclusions apply to the inhabitants of our mountains? Moder. Frantisk Kokulik.

Where are the limits of the solar system?

The center of the solar system is the sun, whose gravitational field affects all objects, even vast distances. The solar system certainly does not end with Neptune. Asteroids in the so-called Kuiper belt also orbit behind it. It has dozens of objects the size of Pluto. Behind this belt is a large area, and behind it are comets in the so-called Oort Cloud. Thanks to new observations of comets, which have orbits for millions of years, it is now possible to improve the size of this comet’s reservoir.

Why are insects so small?


Everyone knows that insects are small and light. Thanks to this, he achieved an enviable athletic performance. Olympic bashfuls of despised fleas, dreaded locusts, or inconspicuous squatters would be an embarrassingly mockery of one’s best Olympic records. If we recalculate the distance insects reach for the dimensions or weight of human fighters, one would have to jump up to 500 meters in distance and 300 meters in height. But the insect is not an entry in the Guinness Book of Records. What are the real benefits of being smaller? We read it in the book entomologist professor. Jana Sharik is Threatened by Insects, published by Academia.

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