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Meteorite about the sounds of Mars, the machinations of particles and the camaraderie of dinosaurs

Meteorite about the sounds of Mars, the machinations of particles and the camaraderie of dinosaurs

The first sounds from Mars

For the first time, mankind has successfully sent a microphone to Mars on a spacecraft. Two previous attempts failed. The perseverance car has only provided us with records since landing in February of this year. Action. Tomáš Přibyl of the Technical Museum in Brno in Meteor said it’s not easy to score on Mars at all. The air is thin as in our country at an altitude of 30 km above sea level. Even winds at 450 km per hour create pressure just like pulling the trigger on an air rifle with your finger. In Meteor, we describe what’s in the first 6 audio recordings from Mars.

Mirror fluid discovery

Two types of wine

Tartaric acid can be obtained naturally from wine and artificially in the laboratory. They are chemically identical. What was a surprise when, in 1823, the French physicist Jean-Baptiste Peet and his colleague fired polarized light through the solutions of both acids: while the laboratory acid shifted its level to the right, it did not! After 24 years, the mystery was solved by a brilliant chemistry student Louis Pasteur.The laboratory tartaric acid works to shift the polarized light to the right because all of its molecules and crystals are broken down. On the other hand, artificial acids are a mixture of the same amount of left and right hand crystals, so their visual effect is canceled … ” Thus he discovered visual symmetry. We remembered this in the What’s Happened Today section, edited by Ing. Frantisk Hodik.

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Did dinosaurs make friends together?

It may sound strange, but from time to time there are indications that some dinosaur species may have helped each other. For example, some large but clumsy and slow herbivores can have spies and guards in the form of trodons, about 2 meters long and 1 meter high than theropod dinosaurs. They had big eyes, they were supposed to have excellent eyesight. It will suit them the role of guardians. In addition, the large carnivores will find it difficult to fend for themselves. It could also be in their interest to seek out the proximity of the herbivorous giants, who could protect them at least a little in the flock. Can such “friendship” be proven with facts? We asked publicist Vladimir Socha.

What is the poison used by carnivorous mushrooms?

Oyster mushrooms grow on wood

There are several types of mushrooms that diversify their diet with a special meat diet. For example, oyster mushrooms can eat nematodes. These tiny animals around the world do not have a chance to escape, although the fungi cannot move to catch them. But he uses a special toxin to immobilize his victim. Microbiology prof. Yaroslav Peter.

How does the insect deal with temperature fluctuations?


It’s easy for a person when he’s warm, he puts it off when he’s cold, and puts on a jacket. Some animal species do something similar – they grow a special thick winter coat. But how is it going in the world of insects? Small, vulnerable bodies do not escape before winter. However, they can handle both low and high ambient temperatures. How? We read it in the book entomologist professor. Jana Sharik is Threatened by Insects, published by Academia.

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