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Methods used to erase silicone traces from the wall.. you will be surprised

Follow up – Loujain Ismail:

All surfaces may be stained with silicone. They are difficult to remove and housewives are looking for ways to clean them. Discover in this article ways to remove silicone traces from the wall.

To remove dry silicone paste

Use a putty scraper to prevent paint peeling or wallpaper tearing. or causing any damage to the material covering the wall.

The lance has a metal tip that helps remove material. When hammering on the mentioned tool along the material. With a hammer, for the purpose of withdrawing as much of the material as possible. For residue, sandpaper or covering the contaminated area is helpful. With a new layer of paintable silicone.

Soak a piece of cloth in warm water. For the purpose of scanning as much of the material as possible.

Once all the material has been removed, use a putty knife or lance to remove any stuck pieces.

Then, dip a towel in medical alcohol to rub the residue vigorously. Then, the wiping process is repeated, using a cloth made of cloth, moistened with water.

Tools used to remove silicone

Putty knife:

Small, sturdy, portable knife. It helps to scrape the silicone off the painted and dry wall surfaces.

Butter knife:

Convex knife helps smoothing. Remove silicone from drywall.

Sharp blade:

It is particularly suitable for removing “stubborn” silicone stains from surfaces.

paint scraper:

Flat blade tool used to remove soft silicone. For drywall, painted or wallpapered.

glass scraper:

Used to remove silicone from polished painted drywall. or tiled walls.


A type of abrasive paper used to smooth and remove material residue.

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