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Metropolitan of the Episcopal Church praying for Egypt: We pray that he will grant peace and abundant blessings to our country

Archbishop Dr. Sammy Fawzi offered the prayer Anglican Church For the sake of Mass Egypt Birthday Al-Majid said: We pray that God gives us peace and blessings, and he continued in the Mass sermon: I give special thanks to all the police who made a great effort to celebrate safely, and the archbishop echoed: We pray. Egypt, we who are living with great plans, are experiencing a great revival at all levels of government, so let us lift up our prayers to heaven for safety in that and in the conditions of the world around us.

The bishop expressed his gratitude to President Sisi and the Egyptian government for the boom in prosperity and the great achievements of the Egyptian government. Grand Imam, Dr.

and Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Awqaf Sheikh Saeed Abdel Majeed, on behalf of the Minister of Awqaf His Excellency Muhammad Mukhtar Goma, His Eminence Bishop Raphael, Pontiff of Alexandria and Patriarch of the Holy Church of the Middle East, and His Eminence Bishop Raphael, General Bishop of Cairo Downtown Churches, Rev. Karas Lamy, who sent Prof. George Shogri and Albert Makram to greet him, and Dr. Dr. Andrea Sacchi. Refaat Fathy, Secretary General of the Egyptian Council of Churches.

The Bishop also thanked the British Ambassador to Cairo, Garth Bailey, the American Ambassador to Cairo, Daniel Rubinstein, and the Netherlands Ambassador to Cairo, Han Moritz. of political parties; Free Egyptian Party and Nations Future Party.

The Archbishop expressed his gratitude to the Governor of Cairo, Major General Khaled Abdel-Al, who appointed Mohammed Othman Al-Imam, the head of the West Cairo District, and Major General Ibrahim Abdel-Hadi, the Deputy Governor for the Western Region. and Major General Ashraf El-Gendi, Assistant Minister of the Interior and Director of Cairo Security.

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