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Michelin stars once again adorn Dubai: the picturesque city confirms its culinary appeal

In the second edition of the Michelin Guide, for the year 2023, the Dubai Center of Excellence in Culinary Art was highlighted during the ceremony announcing the most prominent restaurants distinguished in dining experiences, yesterday at the Atlantis The Royal Hotel.

The guide revealed its new collection of winning restaurants in Dubai for the current year, adding three restaurants with one Michelin star, one new restaurant (two stars), two new restaurants with a green Michelin star, in addition to 17 restaurants with a Bab Gourmand rating.

International Director of Michelin Guides, Gwendal Pollnik, said about Dubai’s status: “We had no doubts about the potential of Dubai in the culinary arts, as this picturesque city confirms its attractiveness in this field, as everyone wants to be part of Dubai’s unique vitality, from tourists.” Internationals and global professionals to local food lovers.

He added, “Dubai celebrates many and varied culinary innovations, from Peruvian cuisine to Emirati cuisine, traditional French and British cuisine to modern Japanese cuisine, as it welcomes everyone.”

And about the field of restaurants in Dubai and what distinguishes it, Gwendal Pollnik confirmed during a meeting after the ceremony, that «the scene is growing, and there is a great diversity in kitchens in Dubai, in addition to the presence of a lot of talent that this city attracts from all over the world in this field, which in its entirety is presented to visitors Dubai and its residents are unforgettable experiences in food, and it adds a lot to the field.

Regarding the non-attendance of new Arab restaurants in the 2023 edition, he indicated that the Michelin standards necessitate the presence of restaurants in the list, and they include basic matters that the guide works on, starting from the method of cooking to ingredients to serving food to service as well, pointing to the presence of Arab restaurants in Last year’s version, including what maintained its presence by continuing to provide distinctive experiences.

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Regarding sustainability in the field of cooking, he expressed Michelin’s interest in restaurants that offer cooking with this concept, and will work in the coming years to enhance the presence of these restaurants in the guide.

Unforgettable experiences

The ceremony witnessed the announcement of restaurants that won two Michelin stars, including the “Tresind Studio” restaurant, which had won one star last year, as its cooking developed continuously, making the experience unforgettable for him.

The restaurants “Il Ristorati – Nico Romito” and “Stay by Yannick Alleno” managed to retain their two stars, which they got last year.

All restaurants that won one star in the 2022 line-up retained their distinction for this year, and three new restaurants were awarded one Michelin star in the new version, including the “Avatara” restaurant, which is supervised by Chef Rahul Rana, and is distinguished by its various flavors. As well as the “Dinner by Heston Blumenthal” restaurant, which offers a distinguished British dining experience, as it won one star, in addition to the “Moonrise” restaurant of Chef Suleiman Haddad, who won the Young Chef Award in last year’s edition, which is characterized by serving dinner with a unique story that highlights Based on Middle Eastern ingredients cooked with Japanese methods.


It was also announced during the ceremony that the classification of “Bib Gourmand” included 17 restaurants, as all the restaurants that won the classification in last year’s line-up retained their franchise for this year as well, and three new restaurants were added: 21 Grams, 3 Fils and Amara.

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As for the green Michelin star, which is awarded to restaurants that work with the concept of sustainability and sustainable cooking, it was won by two restaurants: “Boca” and “Table”.

The Young Chef Award went to Omkar Walvi, from Avatara Restaurant, who has a great talent in cooking, especially in vegetarian Indian dishes.

The Hospitality Award was awarded to La Mar by Gaston Acurio, under the management of Tomislav Lukvczyk, while the award for New Opening of the Year was Ariana’s Iranian Kitchen, managed by Ariana Bondi.

big responsibility

Chef Jaco Momikochi, from the “Il Ristorati – Nico Romito” restaurant, told Emirates Today that the restaurant won the second Michelin star this year, that winning is a great responsibility, as this level and progress must be maintained.

He added that the most important characteristic of the dining experience that receives a Michelin star is the quality, as well as the care of visitors, the provision of distinguished service, and the atmosphere that gives guests comfort and pleasure. And he considered that Dubai is a city characterized by special standards, and therefore the competition is high, and everyone is competing for the best.

On the other hand, Tomislav Lukvchik of the “La Mar by Gaston Acurio” restaurant said about the importance of the Distinguished Service Award, that the dining experience does not mean only eating, but extends to the service that is provided, so all the effort in the kitchen is translated into the customer, it is important for him to feel comfortable . And he considered that the basic standards of service in providing what the customer expects in the first place, of course there are many standards in how to provide food, but visitors must also feel happy. He pointed out that the award gives them more responsibility, especially that Dubai is characterized by high standards of hospitality, which makes expectations high, as everyone who comes here carries great expectations, and this in itself makes every restaurant challenged to provide what is best so that the experience meets expectations.

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• Gwendal Pollenick: “Everyone wants to be part of Dubai’s vitality, from international tourists and international professionals to local food lovers.”

• 3 restaurants with two Michelin stars.

• 11 with one star.

• 3 with a green Michelin star.

• 17 by Babe Gourmand.

• 59 selected restaurants in the Michelin Guide.