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Mička faces a criminal complaint. He allegedly committed fraud by purchasing Kara and Pietro Filipi

“Since the suspect had an economic education, he must have known that his business plan was unrealistic beforehand,” Langmer said in a criminal complaint available to the daily E15. According to Langmer’s calculation, the annual return on Mikova’s bonds should be between 11 and 17.5 percent. For the entire period, Miček’s C2H Group was to pay 25 to 62.5 percent of the amount issued with interest.

“It must be clear to the suspect, sooner or later, that he could never repay the aforementioned bonds when he invested the money obtained by issuing the bonds in companies like Pietro Filipi or Kara Trutnov, i.e. companies that did not exist for the whole Langmer profit or Being slightly profitable in the long run, he says Miyuka was issuing bonds even at a time when he knew some of his companies were in trouble.

Michel Micha insists that he has not done anything illegal. “The bankruptcy was due to the coronavirus. Before the pandemic, the companies were in good shape. They had no overdue commitments, and in January and February 2020 they were historically at their best. There was no indication that any form of bankruptcy was in place,” says the entrepreneur. might happen”.

This year, began bankruptcy proceedings against the companies of Michal Michka. Corporate debt is 850 million kronor, of which Miyuka is personally responsible for 250 million kroner.

Recently, Mička no longer issues bonds because his companies did not audit the financial statements and therefore were unable to issue debt securities. Thus Mička began to obtain the necessary funds through loans through one of its affiliates, C2H Equity, which issued its own exchange bonds to secure it. According to Langmer, Mioka knew he could never pay that money back.

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“We stopped selling bonds last September, when the epidemiological situation was not optimistic,” Mioka says. Last summer, he says, he was interested in the possibility of buying the rival brand Blažek, which also had financial problems after the outbreak of the pandemic. He wanted to develop the entire collection even at a time when the apparel sector was already going through a severe crisis.