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Microsoft is adding new animated wallpapers to Teams

The Microsoft Teams application is one of the best meeting applications, and for this reason, the giant Microsoft company has updated the backgrounds available to users of its application, as it provided new animated backgrounds for Teams.

Teams’ biggest virtual background update

This update is considered the biggest update to virtual backgrounds in Teams since the launch of the original group earlier in 2020, which gives users better options to replace the room background with a professional or different scene while making video calls via Microsoft Teams.

Large collection of animated backgrounds

And she explained, Microsoft, that it will provide, during the current May 2023, a large group of static Teams wallpapers, and then it will provide animated Teams wallpapers at a later time in next June 2023, which is the feature available in the Zoom application, which is considered the most prominent competitor to Microsoft Teams.

New backgrounds library

According to the Microsoft design team, the new backgrounds library is equipped with completely new images, with the aim of carefully expressing the people who use them in various meetings and video calls, and the new backgrounds also include creative images or scenes, as well as realistic places such as a shared workspace, office or home. .

6 different categories of Teams wallpapers

And Microsoft indicated that there are currently 6 different categories of Microsoft Teams backgrounds available, including a category that focuses on backgrounds that combine wood and light, and another that includes contemporary backgrounds, some of which are equipped with colored clouds or mountains, in addition to another category that includes various backgrounds, including Teams backgrounds that focus on mental health and others.

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And Microsoft confirmed that the new backgrounds are now available to all users around the world, who number 300 million active users per month.

Smart features based on artificial intelligence

As part of its plan to provide its services and applications with smart features based on artificial intelligence technologies in cooperation with the OpenAI company that develops ChatGPT, Microsoft has recently provided Teams with the CoPilot smart assistant feature and the smart summary feature, with the aim of facilitating group work by giving users or colleagues participating in a meeting a summary. About what happened before joining the meeting or chat, in addition to the ability to rely on the smart assistant to create content directly to take notes and ideas or request information about something.

Microsoft Bing Image Creator can be relied upon to create backgrounds for use during meetings and video calls via Microsoft Teams, by providing an accurate text description of the background or scene that the user wants to appear behind and obtaining images directly.

How to update the personal version of Microsoft Teams?

And Microsoft stated that the personal version of Microsoft Teams is now available to users for free all over the world, with the ability to move between the work version and the personal version easily, and to do this, the user only has to click on his profile in the work account to add a personal account, which is Completely independent of the work account, users can take advantage of personal features in Microsoft Teams now through the iOS application, the Android application, or the application for computers, in addition to the ability to use Teams through any web browser without the need to install any applications.

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