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Microsoft is redesigning the Outlook app with more features

Microsoft is redesigning the Outlook app with more features

Watch the following topic from the new press .. Microsoft is working on redesigning the Outlook application with more features, and now to the details:

With the latest updates, Microsoft has started rolling out redesigned native apps to more Windows 11 users, as the new design of the apps was first teased by the company when the new operating system was unveiled last year. Notepad and Media Player have been redesigned to include more users, and now, the company is also said to be planning a new email client under the Outlook brand.

According to a report by WindowsLatest, Microsoft’s project codenamed “Project Monarch” aims to build a cross-platform email app for users, while Windows 10 and Windows 11 come with a pre-installed Mail & Calendar app based on the Universal Windows Platform (UWP). . The app follows a Windows 10 style user interface and has its limitations, which is why most users prefer to use the Outlook desktop app or web app. WindowsLatest reports that the company may launch a new Outlook app under Project Monarch. The report further reveals that Microsoft may be promoting the new app as a reboot of the Mail and Calendar app.

The report claims that the tech giant is planning to release the first public preview of the new app in the coming months. WindowsLatest indicates that the app may come preinstalled with Windows 11 22H2, and earlier this week Microsoft also announced that it will automatically upgrade Windows 10 version 20H2 to the latest version 21H2.And for those who don’t know, Windows 10 20H2 versions will not be supported. Home and Pro by the company after May 10 this year. This means that Microsoft has approximately four months to upgrade users to a newer version. It’s worth noting that the only time the company will force users to install an update is when the current version is nearing end of support.

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Microsoft is working on a redesign

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