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Microsoft launches powerful features for Windows 11 users

Microsoft launches powerful features for Windows 11 users

The American company Microsoft introduced a number of great features on its latest operating system Windows 11 and Windows 11, including the search feature in the Insider version, as well as the Tabs feature to File Explorer. According to ZDNet, the Windows Search feature changes the search process in Windows 11 in an unprecedented way, as Windows 11 users get a list of the best applications to start the quick and fast search links that open web results.

Within the new main Windows Search interface, users get a larger list of recent apps they’ve opened, more space for content provided by Microsoft, and users who aren’t signed in to a work or school account get web content like popular searches, plus daily global highlights or Regional.The Start and Search search box will be updated periodically with content, including fun illustrations, that helps you discover more, stay connected, and stay productive. These search box tips give you a peek at what you can Expect it on the main search page.

Adding tabs to File Explorer in Windows 11 allows you to open multiple folders in a single window, and Microsoft first started testing tabs in Windows 10 apps, within a feature called Groups. As Microsoft made some improvements to File Explorer in Windows 11, one developer went even further and created a new File Explorer app, an app available from the Windows Store, that already supports tabs and includes other modern themes and features.

Microsoft released the applications on Windows 11 blogs, as part of Windows 11, and it contains a lot of interesting additions, such as an improved search bar that can browse your organization’s files. It also made Microsoft Family, a parental control application that allows you to protect your children from the dangers of the Internet, and also allows You can monitor how much time your kids spend on Windows, Xbox and Android devices” to make sure they don’t spend too much time in front of a screen.

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