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Microsoft notified Windows 10X development and focus on regular Tens - Živě.cz

Microsoft notified Windows 10X development and focus on regular Tens – Živě.cz

The original system was supposed to be a two-screen PC system like the upcoming Surface Neo. But development was delayed and then another trend. Windows 10x was eventually set to become a lightweight version of Tens and emerge as a competitor to Chrome OS. But even that may not be relevant anymore, recent rumors suggest that the development may have been completely over.

According to the magazine Petri Specifically, Windows 10X will not arrive this year and it is not certain if that will change in the future. Zak Bowden from Windows CentralAccording to his sources, no new 10x test has been released since February. The two magazines agree that Microsoft is investing all its power in the classic edition of Windows 10.

It will see minor spring updates in the coming weeks, but a major upgrade will be released in the fall, almost completely revamping the UI. So far, it appears that in future releases, the company will again focus on modifying the invisible parts of the system.

According to Windows Central, 10X was expected to have a faster update process, fewer hardware requirements, or a container architecture that would separate the kernel from drivers and applications. But all this may eventually appear in the traditional dozen, which we can already find To 1.3 billion computers.

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