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Microsoft provides a preview of cloud workstations for developers

Microsoft provides a preview of cloud workstations for developers

Microsoft is taking big strides when it comes to offering cloud services like Windows 365, Xbox Cloud, etc. In another step, the company announced the Dev Box earlier this year and now, it’s letting developers get an early preview of their workstations cloud services, and that’s it. According to a report by The Verge.

According to the report, Microsoft Dev Box cloud-powered workstations are managed by Windows 365 and developers can now access Azure Virtual Desktop systems from anywhere in the world using a compatible web browser.

Cloud-based workstations now come with the option to test applications and also include applications and services designed for developers running on preconfigured workstations.

Apart from that, the report also confirmed that the Microsoft Dev Box will also support the Integrated Development Environment, Software Development Kit (SDK) and other Windows-compatible tools, and Microsoft is currently offering developers the option to configure the Dev Box with up to eight virtual CPUs and RAM With a capacity of 32 GB.

However, Microsoft Dev Box will support up to 32 virtual CPUs along with 128GB of RAM. Also, the systems will be connected at gigabit connection speeds, and the company is also offering a 15-hour trial period for businesses per month along with the first 365 hours of 512GB of storage. The company has also created a separate portal for organizing Dev Boxes.

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