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Microsoft stops emulating games on Xbox Series X and Series S. Details

Mones Hawass Books

Monday, April 10, 2023 04:00 AM

blocked Microsoft Corporation Users can run emulated games on Xbox Series X | S, as Twitter user @gamr12, who was involved in distributing the RetroArch emulator on Xbox, recently posted the error message they received when trying to play emulated content.

“This game or app could not be launched,” the message reads, “The game or app you are trying to run is violating Microsoft policy Store is not supported”, and other users who have emulator on Xbox Series X | S are also experiencing the same issue.

And when Microsoft first launched Xbox Series X | In 2020, users found that they could install and run emulators, and this made it possible to play a whole host of classic titles on Xbox Series X | S, including games from the PlayStation 2, GameCube, Wii, and more, but now that nearly three-year race appears to be over.

As @gamr12 pointed out, you can still emulate games on Xbox Series X| S, but only if you put the device into developer mode, which you have to pay for, and Microsoft seems to have just done away with the option when putting the console into retail mode, something all users can play for free with a bit of technical knowledge.

According to the report, there are some speculations that this move could have been explained by the fact that “the main reason for the ban is related to legal issues with Nintendo.” “Although emulation itself is not illegal, it can be used to play games from consoles that are still under copyright protection. and posting without permission, which could lead to problems with Nintendo and its affiliates.”

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