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Microsoft warns of a security vulnerability in the Windows operating system

Microsoft warns of a security vulnerability in the Windows operating system

The technology giant, “Microsoft”, called on users of the operating system, Windows, to immediately install a security update, after security researchers discovered a serious vulnerability in the world’s most popular operating system.
Microsoft’s call to update Windows came after a group of researchers at cybersecurity firm Sangfor mistakenly published a user guide for how to take advantage of a vulnerability before it was removed, according to CNN.

The researchers called the current vulnerability “Print Nightmare”, noting that it is possible to access the printer connected to the computer, and then control it.
Sangfor researchers tweeted in late May that they found vulnerabilities when connecting the printer to a Windows computer, allowing multiple users to access the printer.
Microsoft has warned that hackers who exploit the vulnerability can install programs, view and delete data, or even create new user accounts with full user rights.

The vulnerability also gives the hackers enough command and control of the computer to cause some serious damage to the target device.
Microsoft confirmed that the update does not only affect the tenth version of Windows, which is currently on more than one billion and 300 million computers around the world, calling on all users of most of the old versions to update them, including Windows 2012 and 2016 up to Windows 7, which Released 13 years ago.
What is distinguished in the new update is that it is cumulative, which means that it contains previous fixes for many previous security vulnerabilities.