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تكنولوجيا : تقرير: Microsoft Word قد يتلقي هذه الميزة المهمة قريبًا

Microsoft Word may receive this important feature soon

Saturday 16 July 2022 01:30 PM

Microsoft may soon release a new OneDrive update that is expected to make editing and reviewing Microsoft Word documents “more interactive.” Internet.

The official Microsoft 365 Roadmap listing also mentioned this feature as “Review mode for Word documents in the sharing dialog” where it still appears as “in development,” the report states, however, the report states that this feature is expected to be made available to regular users. During this month.

How will the new Microsoft Word feature work

According to the report, this update will allow Microsoft Word web users to click a share command “in the button labeled as” and then “Add people who need to review the document to push it to OneDrive” allowing users to select a “new review” box that provides specific individuals with access to a document Word that needs revision.

The report also claims that the recent update to Microsoft Word makes it clear that the company aims to ensure its platform is equipped for users to embrace the “new world of hybrid work.”

Other changes coming to Microsoft Word

To compete with a rival service for Google Docs, Microsoft is adding another update to its Word platform where users will be allowed to seamlessly switch between “document editing, reviewing, and viewing.” Users will be able to find a “new edit button in the Microsoft Word ribbon” which will provide three options when Click it.

These options will include – Editing, which will allow users to make changes directly to the document, Reviewing, which will allow users to suggest edits, suggestions or comments, and Viewing, which will allow users to scroll through the document without making any changes.

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Apart from this, Microsoft recently announced that a “popular predictive typing feature” is coming soon for Word on Mac, and the text prediction editor tool guesses the next words that can be used and also suggests words or phrases as you type. This feature claims to improve the writing process for users who are slow to type.

Source : Technology: Report: Microsoft Word may receive this important feature soon