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Mikati: Qardahi’s resignation was necessary, and we look forward to restoring relations with Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries


Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati said that his country’s government is looking forward to restoring normal relations with Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries, pointing out that the resignation of Information Minister George Kordahi was necessary.

And a statement issued by Mikati after accepting Qardahi’s resignation said: “The minister’s resignation was necessary after the crisis that arose with Saudi Arabia and a number of Gulf Cooperation Council countries, and it would open a door to addressing the problem of the relationship with the brothers in the Kingdom and the Gulf states, after accumulations and discrepancies that occurred in the past years. “.

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Lebanese Minister of Information, George Kordahi, officially announces his resignation

Mikati also stressed through the statement that Lebanon was and will remain an Arab in identity and belonging, and is a founding and working member of the League of Arab States and is committed to its covenants, and looks forward to better relations with the Arab brothers.

From this standpoint, we are keen to implement what was stated in the ministerial statement of our government in terms of strengthening Lebanon’s relations with the brotherly Arab countries and insisting on adhering to and preserving them, and keenness to activate the historical cooperation between our Arab countries and to distance ourselves from interference in the internal affairs of Arab countries and in any An Arab-Arab conflict, and to call on the Arab brothers to stand by Lebanon in this ordeal under which their affairs are always afflicted.

Mikati made it clear that the strong historical brotherly relations between Lebanon and Saudi Arabia are enough to overcome all transient differences and observations, and the same is true with the rest of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

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He stressed that the government is determined to take strict measures to control the maritime and land borders and prevent all kinds of smuggling of contraband that harms the security and privacy of brotherly Arab countries, especially the Gulf states and Saudi Arabia in particular. The government is ready to establish a joint committee to discuss all matters and ensure their proper implementation.

He stressed the rejection of everything that would harm the security and stability of the Gulf states, calling on all Lebanese parties to put the Lebanese interest above all considerations, and not to offend in any way the brotherly and friendly countries or interfere in their affairs.

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