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Mikati: Qardahi's words about Yemen are unacceptable and do not reflect Lebanon's position

Mikati: Qardahi’s words about Yemen are unacceptable and do not reflect Lebanon’s position

And he said my timer In a statement published by the National News Agency: “Regarding the Minister of Information’s words George KordahiWhich is being circulated, and which is part of an interview I conducted with him several weeks before he took up his ministerial position, it is unacceptable and does not express the government’s position at all, especially with regard to the Yemeni issue and Lebanon’s relations with its Arab brothers, specifically the brothers in Kingdom Saudi Arabia resources Gulf Cooperation Council countries“.

and .add Lebanese Prime Minister In his statement: “The Prime Minister and the government are keen to weave the best relations with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and they condemn any interference in its internal affairs from any party or party that comes, so clarification is required.”

The statement stressed that “the Prime Minister announces Lebanon’s adherence to the ties of brotherhood with the brotherly Arab countries, which are clearly defined in the ministerial statement of the government whose name is spoken and expresses its policy and constants, the prime minister and the government as a whole.”

And the Yemeni Foreign Minister, Ahmed bin Mubarak, issued directives to the Yemeni ambassador in Beirut, to hand him over Lebanese Foreign Ministry A message of condemnation regarding Qardahi’s statements.

Bin Mubarak said that these statements are a departure from the clear Lebanese position towards Yemen and its condemnation for the Houthi coup And his support for all relevant Arab and UN resolutions.

For his part, Qardahi said that he did not intend in any way to offend Saudi Arabia and the UAE, saying that “their leadership and people have all the love and loyalty,” according to a statement published by the National News Agency.

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