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Milada Horcoff. With a mobile phone in his hand

Smartphones m te TM kad. In recent years, geolocan apps have gained a place in this Zazen. The goal is to go to some city, receive some virtual invitations, or find a QR code. Not only are young people being forced to move through similar activities. However, Jan Haltmar wasn’t content with seeing the relationship between the app and the specific cities, so he decided to create Loxper, which I tried a few days ago.

Dobrodrustv to Badst
First, download the app and locate the route outside the borders in different parts of the country. In Prague these are, for example, Anthropoid, Ti krlov, Libe, Karln microbreweries or Po stopch golema. We are located on the land of the capital, so I chose a path through those cracks, first of all about the fate of Milady Horkov. There is a seven-kilometer march and eight stops. The ticket costs fifty kroner and is used to support the project and the author of individual tracks.

The first stop is at Vyehrad Cemetery, which seems optimistic. Dare and walk between the graves. When I look at my birth bust itself, I get cold and hold my breath. For a while it just stood up and the rumble revealed. In the application, I ask a question about this city and answer the question: Which of these women were not buried in Slaven? In choosing three names, I expected a mistake.

Meet the author
He granted them residence at the birth house of Milady Horkov, near Havelkovy Sady. When city blm, ptrm oima on phone and hltm information. You probably are, right? Someone is on the other side of the street. Confused, I pick up from the script and discover he is the author of the Haltmar app. Together we proceed to the Archbishop’s Hall, where he studied Christmas.

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The original idea was based on the principle of the game, but it turns out that people are interested in some hints and information, as Haltmar told me along the way. We are first working on new technologies. We want pbh to make the character stand out, it’s going to be an animated gif. Let’s deal with the born reality. Then I could be seen on the phone to see what the city looked like a hundred years ago, add. Loxper is a community enterprise, with no investor or capital behind it. It’s free. When the kids get angry, I go into hiding and clear the way, Haltmar laughs. The original app was popular with tourists, but locals paid more attention to it. You want to know the surroundings of your home better.

Seven kilometers on foot
In grammar school, I broke up and went on on my own. I saw the house Milada was going to, stopped at Thumbs Beach, where Moyna was the Gestapo, got to the office where she was arrested, and connected cities with her life. I was happy with the questions this time.

Final text and tour on the m in New Town Hall. Seven kilometers away, I was gladly killed in the afternoon. The last time I looked at the app, this time it reminds me of the words of our birth: I’ll go with my head raised, I must be able to die. This is not a shame. I will not lose the honor if it is true and true. In a fight with a pillow, what is else is life and not a fight.

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Then I just started reading, I went to the phone and here I read this paragraph over and over. For my sensitive soul, I chose someone very strong who would just get down on my knees. Even though I leave a slight shaking, I get on the train, and choose the path I’m going to walk