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Millions are going in martial arts. How much does the Czech Republic take in the match?

Radek Hala!

The most prestigious organization that sponsors mixed martial arts matches is the UFC of America. Their tournaments can be compared to the Champions League in the world of football, and the individual teams’ financial conditions coincide with this as well. It is the highest that a combat sport fighters can get.

MMA matches have generated hundreds of millions of profits for their operators in recent years. From selling TV rights, from selling match tickets, and from sponsoring income. This was not always the case, especially in the 1990s, and there was only the “small” business in that business going around today. It is the eighth most valuable sports brand in 2019 with a value of $ 2.4 billion. This growing trend has halted a global pandemic company.

“We know from our statistics that the Czech UFC wrestler is greatly increasing the interest of local viewers. The broadcasts of fight evenings have always been the same as Premier League football matches, and we expect similar interest during Jiří Procházka’s May match.”

And bettors are interested, too. Local bettors have already bet on millions of crowns in May’s duel with Dominic Reyes by Jerry Prochaska. Most of them trust the Czech warrior. Over ninety percent of bettors are betting on his victory.

A billion-for-money machine

Huge money is being made in the UFC. For example, Irish storm Conor McGregor has made billions by fighting in the octagon. At the UFC 257 tournament for January, for the first time, he realized the technical knockout bitterness, but improved financially by $ 5 million and earned tens of millions in ticket sales and pay-per-view flow.

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Perhaps the most money raised in a single match was by McGregor in 2017, when he faced legendary Floyd Mayweather in a boxing duel. At the time, the former UFC champion made 600 million for the match itself and another 2 billion crowns in revenue from tickets and paid streams.

Czech Uzbek fighter Mashmud Muradov earned around a million kroner for the beginning of January within the UFC, and was awarded another equal amount for his performance when he defeated his opponent in the third round with a technical knockout. Total of 2 million crowns before tax. This amount also includes media liabilities.

Another Czech fighter – Jiří Procházka, the former champion of the Japanese Rizin Fighting Federation, will present himself in the semi-heavyweight on the first day of May. After the match was postponed due to an opponent’s injury, Procházka will enter the ring for a second time after the UFC’s most famous fighting organization. In his premiere in July last year, he knocked out Swiss fighter Volkan Ozdere in the second round.

To date, Procházka has earned 3.5 million crowns in one UFC match. The basic “entrance fee” was $ 50,000, receiving the same amount for winning and a bonus of $ 50,000 for performing the evening, totaling $ 150,000, or about 3.5 million crowns.

Jiří Procházka (center) and his team at a press conference before they leave for Las Vegas for a match with Dominic Reyes.

Radek Hala!

That’s a lot of money, but you have to take into account that this money has to be taxed and paid by the coaches and managers. Additionally, matches in the UFC Elite can be “caught” twice, with a maximum of three matches per year. As with other athletes, unpleasant injuries can keep wrestlers out of the game for months.

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Preparation usually takes 2 months. However, for example, the Czech fighter Jiří Procházka, who waits for the main match at the UFC Evening in Las Vegas on May 1, says he is training constantly, but he has had the most intense preparations the past two weeks before leaving for the match. “Since then, I feel the echo of the match, I have been training in performance training exercises that evening. Until then, I have been doing it for my improvement,” says the Czech semi-heavyweight fighter.