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Millions donated to Oxford and Cambridge .. Hawaii infiltrates British universities

Millions donated to Oxford and Cambridge .. Hawaii infiltrates British universities

Newspaper Report “TimesIt has been alleged that the Cambridge Chinese Management Center of the British University of Hawaii Telecommunications was “hacked” and dominated, with most of the center’s academics having ties to the Chinese company.

The Cambridge Center for China Management (CCCM) is a research center set up to study the management practices and strategies of Chinese companies, and the London newspaper reported that three of the center’s four directors have links with Hawaii.

The research center was founded by Professor Christoph Loach, Senior Consultant at Huawei, Prof. Peter Williamson and Dr. Aidan Yen.

Johnny Patterson, co-founder and policy director of the Hong Kong Watch Human Rights Lawyers Group, said the center appears to have been “hacked” by the company.

He added, “Hawaii’s relations with the Chinese government are not secret. The research center appears to have been hacked by Hawaii and the university should investigate. Close ties between Hawaii and Cambridge University have serious implications for national and moral security.”

The newspaper said the research center in Shenzhen, a key hub for Chinese inventions, was launched in 2018 and the center’s representative, Yan Binghu, is a former senior vice president.

Yan Bingo appears in English as the center’s chief representative on the Cambridge Center’s website, while the Chinese version of the same site describes him as head of Hua Ying Management Training Center in Hawaii.

In response to the Times’ inquiries, Cambridge University stated that Yan Ping “did not provide any services to the Cambridge University School of Business or the Cambridge Center for Chinese Management.”

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The university removed any reference to Yan Ping from its website after the Times’ inquiries.

On the other hand, Huawei said: “We are incredibly proud of our relationship with UK universities, and any mention of wrongdoing is unfair and shows a misunderstanding of academic partnerships with institutions around the world.”

In recent years, there have been allegations that 20 leading British universities have jointly accepted more than $ 40 million in funding from Hawaii and other Chinese state-owned enterprises.

In 2018, Oxford University said it would no longer accept funding provided by Hawaii.

Sir Ian Duncan Smith, former leader of the Conservative Party, said British universities had “become more dependent on Chinese money” in recent years, and that Cambridge was “one of the worst criminals”. He added: “The government should urgently investigate the UK’s dependence on China across various companies and businesses.”

“It is clear that increasing influence in universities is a problem,” said Tom Dugenhat, a Member of Parliament, chairman of the Chinese Research Committee and chairman of the Foreign Selection Committee.

He added, “Universities do not receive money from tobacco companies for their links to cancer. Similarly, companies need to be very careful about where the money comes from.”