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Millions of rodents flooded Australia, destroying crops

Millions of rodents flooded Australia, destroying crops

The almost horror-like scenes have been a part of people’s lives in the Australian countryside in recent weeks. Mice are everywhere. They flooded agricultural warehouses and destroyed crops and equipment. So far, farmers have estimated the damage at more than 2 billion crowns. But even this is not the final amount.

“They used to be a bale of four to five meters. The mice started eating it and completely destroyed it. We can’t use it anymore because the mice are soaked with urine, and if we give it to the pregnant sheep, farmer Jeremy Hellam said:” “They will abort.”

Humans block every crevice that rodents can enter their homes. Not even dexterous traps are enough. There are also reports that people wake up with rat bites around their bodies and feces on their duvets.

And it is not just farmers who report the damage. Mice don’t pick and ruin what you’ve come up with. They bite the cables and dump the goods on the shelves. Cause problems in schools or hospitals. It is ventilated or ventilated. Then they smell the rotting corpses and the materials seep into the water sources.

Breeding conditions have excellent mice this year. They benefit from cold weather and lots of food. A mouse pair can produce up to 500 young per year. Females can give birth to offspring every three weeks.

Experts claim the mice have already multiplied so much that they can reach major cities, including Sydney, in a few weeks. Australian authorities have not yet permitted widespread use of the highly toxic poisons. However, the hardest-hit New South Wales will soon have a permit and have already gotten the supplies.

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It also solves the problem of animal overcrowding in New Zealand. And hedgehogs multiplied there. They almost have no natural enemies there. In parks and forests, they destroy native animal species. Meanwhile, New Zealand is leading a campaign in which it wants to wipe out predators introduced by traps, hunting and poisons by 2050.