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Mimi Jamal attacks Yasmine Rais’ ex-wife

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Egyptian actress Mimi Gamal attacked director Hadi El Bagoury, who is free of actress Yasmine Rais.

Mimi commented on the couple’s separation crisis, stressing that he had made a mistake in publishing his statement approving the scenes of kisses for his wife.

The big star said, during her meeting yesterday on the “Kalam El Nas” program on MBC Egypt: “If your manhood allows, he stays looking forward to the air and says that.”

She added: “I want to understand one thing. If this is his nature, leave him alone. I mean, you see that your manhood says you agree. You don’t go out on the air and say that.”

She justified the decision to separate Yasmine Rais from Hadi al-Bagouri, explaining: “She also when I heard this statement and his words on the air, and God knows best, I think she separated.”

And she continued, “I watched the episode and his statements and was very, very surprised by his words. We are now, forgetful people, that we are oriental Egyptians. Our nature is dominated by imprinting, and there are people who want to impress us with a character that is not ours at all.”

Yasmine Rais announced her separation from her husband, director Hadi El Bagoury, noting that there were long ten years between them, but it did not last..


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