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Mimi Jamal resolves the controversy over her return to acting – thought and art – stars and celebrities

Egyptian actress Mimi Gamal has resolved the controversy surrounding her return to acting and her retraction of her decision to retire last January.

Mimi explained, in statements to Al-Shorouk newspaper, that she has already retracted her decision to retire, noting that this does not mean that she has opened the door to accept any artistic role offered to her.

She said that she was nominated to participate in the series “Al-Sayeda Zainab”, but she refused the role after reading the script, pointing out that the role was not suitable for her and her long artistic career.

She added that she had not contracted the series as circulated by some media outlets, stressing that until this moment she had not returned to acting on the ground.

She admitted that she misses standing in front of the camera, and that this is a fact that no artist can deny, explaining that there is a state of love between the actor and the camera that remains with him throughout his life.

She stated that this love does not mean that she is ready to give up her name and history just to stand in front of the camera, indicating that the decision to return to acting is subject to very special conditions, the most important of which is to provide a role worthy of her and her name that she struggled for many years to make.