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Minister Bartosz: Reliance on European funds alone is not enough

Converting a school garden into an outdoor classroom won the High School Design a Project competition

Minister Bartosz: Reliance on European funds alone is not enough
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Description: Ivan Bartosz (Pirates)

Today won the 10th Jubilee of the popular Design a Project competition for designing a community garden with an outdoor classroom. Its authors, students of the Business Academy of eské Budějovice, won the national finals in the competition for the best 8 projects from all over the country, which took place at the Ministry of Regional Development. The finalists were personally supported by the Minister of Regional Development Ivan Bartosz. With 78 projects submitted, it was one of the toughest years of competition.


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Ivan Bartosz, Minister of Regional Development and Deputy Prime Minister for Digitization, who came to greet the students and wishes them a lot .. good luck in the final duel, said. “Painting alone is not enough and it is important to use these resources as efficiently as possible,” Bartosz added.

Ministry representatives participated in the national jury for the competition. Students first presented their projects in the form of short presentations, incorporating jurors’ comments from the March regional rounds of the competition. Then the contestants answered the assessors’ questions. The specialized jury selected the project of students of the Ceske Budejovice Business Academy, in which they proposed to revitalize the park for their private school, placing an outdoor classroom for teaching natural sciences and foreign languages.

1. Community garden with an outdoor classroom / Business Academy České Budějovice / Jan Hrdlička, Jaroslava Kaiferová, Lenka Trošková and Hanka Tušlová, teacher Ing. Stanislava Vilkova

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2. Center for Healthy and Cheap Food / High School of Trade, Crafts and Services Ústí nad Labem / Alžběta Odvárková and Eliška Ullmanová, educational teacher Mgr. Radka Sirotkova

3. Revitalization of the Kokkonen Forest Park Gymnázium Dr. Antona Randi / Jablonec nad Nisou / Nikola Shihakova, Miriam Ficherova, Denis Litoshlepova and Patrice Koshakova, educational teacher Monsignor. Peter Kotke

The Design a Project competition is open to students of all high schools across the country. Up to four members, in collaboration with the teacher, have the task of creating a mock project application that can be supported by EU funding. If their project is successful, they will have the opportunity to present it to the professional jurors of the regions and, in the case of applying to the national round, to the competition organizers of the Ministry of Regional Development. The success of the concept and the quality of the treated offerings are also proven by the fact that some projects have already been implemented. The implemented proposals include, for example, the Active Park for adults in Stříbro, the Šumava interactive mobile application for all or the transnational project of the Trojzemí Children’s University.

You can find more information about the competition and previous years here.

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