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Minister of Awqaf: Advocacy is “science and experience” and it is not only about educational attainment

Minister of Awqaf: Advocacy is “science and experience” and it is not only about educational attainment

The Minister of Awqaf confirmed Dr. Muhammad Mukhtar JumaThe invitation is science, art, experience, and training, and it is not only a matter of educational attainment, but it needs many elements, there is no doubt that in the forefront of which is the sincerity of intention in it for God (Almighty and Glorious is He).

The Minister of Awqaf added: There is no success for any scholar or preacher without familiarity with the reality of his time, and taking into account the levels of civilized development and human advancement in dealing with developments and changes.

He continued: All the prophets have emphasized that they should not seek recompense for their call to God (Almighty and Glorious is He).

The Minister of Endowments explained that one of the most important factors for the success of the call is taking into account the condition and culture of the invitee and the extent of his ability to understand and comprehend what is thrown at him. Because if you address a person in a way that he does not understand, he may say to you, “I do not believe it.”

And he added: And among them is taking into account the conditions of the surrounding environment, people’s customs and traditions, and the circumstances of their time and place, which is what the scholars have emphasized that the fatwa may change with the change of time, place or conditions, and that what was likely in one era may become likely in another era, and what was likely may become Most likely if the circumstances, conditions or environments change, and the scholar, the preacher, the mujtahid and the mufti must take into account all of that.

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And the Minister of Endowments said: One of the most important things that the caller to God (the Almighty) should take into account is blocking pretexts, by selecting words and choosing words, and distancing the advocacy discourse from all that is veiled of phrases or expressions that bear many faces and interpretations, so as not to leave an opportunity that is given. by her.

Also, it is necessary to distinguish very clearly between what is permissible and what is real, and what can be put forward from what is permissible and what should not be presented to the public at the very least. With acumen, savvy and intelligence, the advocate in it takes into account the state of sophistication, progress and accelerated civilization in today’s world, and all related factors of civilization and human development and what is required by modern and modern protocol systems.

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