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Minister Stangora: I am against STT to pay for the company’s losses in Russia. On the contrary, I want sanctions against Russian companies in the United States

Finance Minister Sbenk Stangora confirmed to HN that he may propose harsh punishment for Russian state-linked companies in the Czech Republic.
author’s squf; Radek Weber

FAccording to Finance Minister Zbyko Stanjury (ODS), companies that have invested and conduct business in Russia should not receive compensation from the state. He said this in an interview with HN.

And so Stangora responded to the current situation where all Europeans arem on Russia because of the influx imposed on UkraineGeneral Penal Code. This is expected to significantly affect the local economy, and doing business in Russia may be known to some companies. In addition, it is not excluded that Russia uval in response to anti-sanctions in evrops companies.

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